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Wanted to say this for a long time - Thx for this awesome software :)

When using Bleachbit on Linux it removes everything - end result always end up with = 0 Files deleted
But! When cleaning on Windows - the stuff i clean comes back when running additional cleaning e.g. SoftwareDistribution\Download - App data - Explorer thumbcache - Log edbres-jrs - mp.edb
and no matter how many times I clean I can not get end result below 16 and 22 when running admin mode

I know that some files are from microsoft, but why do they pop back after deletion like "malware" and why can't I get end result below 16 and 22 (admin mode) when I can in Linux?

Am I infested with some nasty malware?

Spenson, when you clean BleachBit twice in a row on Windows, the remaining files should be "Marked for deletion" instead of "Delete."

"Marked for deletion" means the file is locked, so it cannot be deleted until the lock is released BleachBit marks is to that when Windows reboots, the file will be deleted. A typical file like this is index.dat in Internet Explorer: it is basically always locked.

Andrew, lead developer

Thx for reply - Just to be sure I understand - Does it mean the files will get deleted on reboot and the reason why I get below 16 and 22 in admin


Would you perhaps consider developing a "build-in" app (in bleachbit) like Cryptkeeper - For windows? Windows lag an ez mode encryption / folder feature like - You deal in privacy and would only see it as a natural extention of bleachbit ...,- Thax again for a great piece of software - You rock :)

Yes, files marked "marked for deletion" will be deleted when Windows boots. Some of them (like index.dat in Microsoft Internet Explorer) will quickly get regenerated, but they will be clean until used (like for browsing).

BleachBit will not encrypt files and folders. This is specialized technology, and there are others that do it reasonably well. In the BleachBit documentation, though, I do recommend full-disk encryption for some people who need it, like people who think they often need to wipe free disk space.

Andrew, lead developer