0.9.3 Error occurs when quiting

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Good evening, creators of useful program!
I experience a few troubles:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "bleachbit\Worker.pyo", line 88, in execute
File "bleachbit\Command.pyo", line 77, in execute
File "bleachbit\FileUtilities.pyo", line 329, in getsize
error: (3, 'FindFirstFileW', '\xd1\xe8\xf1\xf2\xe5\xec\xe5 \xed\xe5 \xf3\xe4\xe0\xe5\xf2\xf1\xff \xed\xe0\xe9\xf2\xe8 \xf3\xea\xe0\xe7\xe0\xed\xed\xfb\xe9 \xef\xf3\xf2\xfc.')

This is an error when BleachBit tries to find the size of a file. I think the error may have to do with an unusual kind of file name: unusual characters or unusual length.

Is your operating system and all the files in English? If not, what language?

Andrew, lead developer


Sorry for the slow reply.

Do you have this problem with Russian filenames that have few characters? If it happens only with long filenames (more than about 260 characters), it is bug 1390950

Do you still have this problem in BleachBit version 1.4 or later? I tested special kinds of characters with short filenames, but I could not find the problem

Andrew, lead developer