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bleachbit v 4.2.0

i ran out of disk space on drive C: when i had set the options;

System -> free disk space
Preferences -> Drives

for the folder i used C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp

[C: Drive]
Size: 238 GB
Used: 74.9 GB
Free: 163 GB

can one specify a drive:\folder that is on an external drive attached to computer so that file will have all the room it needs? or does it have to be on the drive it is wiping?

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It has to be on the drive it is wiping, and it is normal for it to use up all the available space. If you do it on the external hard drive, it will be cleaning the external hard drive instead of your internal hard drive.

The process can take a long time. When it is done, BleachBit will automatically delete the file, unless the BleachBit application is forcibly terminated. During the process, you may want to avoid using other applications.

It is not recommended that all users do this process often. You only need to do it to securely delete data that was not securely deleted, like by shredding with BleachBit. You might use this if you normally deleted a file with confidential data.

Andrew, lead developer

thanks for reply.

i guess i thought when the message appeared that there was no free space that the process of wiping would not continue which perplexed me a bit.