The specified module cannot be found


I tested BleachBit v2.3 beta today and it worked with no problems from my Download folder. But if I move to my flash drive (H:\) I get the following message in a small window:

RunDLL (this is the name of the small window)
There was a problem starting H:\BleachBit
The specified module cannot be found.

I can run BleachBit from my local drives. Works fine on my SSD (C:) and my hard drive which is has two partitions (D: and E:). But refuses to work on my flash drive (H:).

The only different I can think is that the flash drive is formatted as exFAT and my local drives are formatted as NTFS.

I have tested with another flash drive formatted as FAT32 and BleachBit works fine on it.

I also tested v2.3.1304 and this have me the same result.

BleachBit version: 
v2.3 beta
Your operating system: 
Win 10 64-bit 1903 18362.418

That's interesting. Would you please try some troubleshooting?

First, make sure it is a full, uncorrupt copy. If any DLLs were missing or corrupt, this might happen.

Second, if you have an antivirus or security program, try disabling it. For example, BitDefender blocked BleachBit's ability to load a module, and maybe other antivirus programs do something like this.

Third, run bleachbit_console.exe instead of bleachbit.exe. If it has more detail about the error message, please copy and paste into the forum. Alternatively, you can post an image by posting the URL to an image hosting service (such as or many others)

Fourth, I don't think this is an issue of file permissions or read-only mode, but if these sound like something you changed, it's worth looking into.

Andrew, lead developer

1. It was a fresh portable copy of BleachBit extracted.

2. With my antivirus (ESET Internet Security v12.2.30.0) disabled I still receive the same error.

3. No errors appear in the console, just a black window while BleachBit runs.

4. I haven't changed any permissions for my drives or folders.

I did do a small experiment. Normally extracts to \BleachBit-2.3-portable\BleachBit-Portable. But I usually rename the BleachBit-Portable folder to BleachBit v2.3 beta, etc. So I left the folder unchanged, so the path to the BleachBit executable is H:\BleachBit-Portable\bleachbit.exe. This time BleachBit works normally from my flash drive. But as soon as I renamed to the usual H:\BleachBit v2.3 beta\bleachbit.exe it acts up. H:\BleachBit Portable beta\bleachbit.exe also does not work, but H:\BleachBit Portable\bleachbit.exe does work. So it seems to be something to do with spaces in the path name in my own limited testing.

This is an odd issue.

Have you tried BleachBit 3.0 (final release)?

Andrew, lead developer

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I confirm there's an issue when there is a space in path name.
Got the same error popup trying to install in D:\Program files\BleachBit
Finally uninstalled and I've put in a directory with no space in path and it worked like a charmed.
I was able to reproduce the issue (and fix) as I installed on 2 computers (getting rid of old CCleaner).

Both devices were Win 10 Fam. v1909 OS v.18363.720
BleachBit is v3.2.0


Oh, and thanks for the great tool. ;)

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This is an interesting issue.

Would someone please test BleachBit version 3.9.0 or later in a folder with spaces in the name? Version 3.9.0 is a beta release. Version 3.9.1 is available on the CI site, and soon I will make a beta release for it too.

Andrew, lead developer