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i'm noticing BB isn't cleaning my browser profiles due to its located in diff drive/folder than default on win7 though they are listed in their respective profiles.ini file.

i make use of waterfox & palemoon & firefox.

is it just a matter to make an addition of these browser profile locations in preferences->custom ? or there is some other mojo i need to do? tia

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BleachBIt 2.2 was a big step closer to making this easy, but it's not quite there yet. For now you can edit the CleanerML files (which are .xml) files, and add the profile directory near the top of the file. For Firefox and related browsers, it's two lines. If you need more help, let me know.

Andrew, lead developer

thanks for your reply. i'll take a look at the xml files and see what i can put together. i did dl v2.2 and i see the progress made. appreciate the help.