Two "newish" browsers need cleaning in both Linux and Windows 10


I am using two browsers exclusively, Vivaldi, and Cyberfox. I noticed that in Windows, other cleaning apps use Chromium and Firefox cleaners to clean the above apps, although neither is installed on my computer. My web use is 75% Cyberfox and 25% Vivaldi.

So with my limited knowledge, I decided to copy the "Firefox.xml", and name it "Cyberfox.xml" and change the folder paths because the filenames are the same. Unfortunately there is no such .xml file exists among the dozens packaged with Bleachbit. If successful, I would like to repeat the same with the "Chromium.xml" Can I expect some help from Bleachbit regarding the Firefox cleaner file?

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Windows 10 and Linux Mint 19,

There is a not-yet-stable version of BleachBit that has a feature to help solve this problem. It's called multi-value variables, and it makes it much easier to support related browsers such as Google Chrome and Chromium. It also helps reduce the effort of supporting multiple operating systems in the same cleaner.

Here is the Git commit showing how chromium.xml was synced with the Google Chrome cleaner.

Firefox is not yet done like this, but you may want to see the comments in Issue 138

You can get the Windows version as an .exe from, and for Linux you can get the latest version from GitHub

Andrew, lead developer