GUI language not switchable


As I found out BB shows only the GUI language it gets from Win regional settings.

Since I use regional settings from Germany but want an english GUI this is not possible.

Pls allow GUI language switch


Would you please try to set the environment variable, as described in the FAQ? I would try it first from the CMD.EXE console, and if that works well, you could set it up in a more permanent way. I did a quick Google search, and someone else set the LANG environment variable for the Inkscape application. You could adapt this solution.

If I were to add this option in the GUI, it would not be right away

Andrew, lead developer

Hmm. fiddling around with some external stuff like environment variable is not the right way.
At least it is not user friendly.

What about adding just a simple drop down to let the suer select the language?
This approach is used in many prgm.

I agree a drop-down would be nice to have, but I am avoiding changes to the user interface until I can publish a large change to the GUI already in progress. This change will likely be BleachBit 3.0, and it is in alpha stage. It works well on Linux, but it needs more work on Windows.

Andrew, lead developer