Still no Cookie Manager included; No way to specify dirs of portable Firefoxes and Chrome browsers


One of the most important features I need is a Cookie Manager where I can tell BB which cookies to keep and which to wash.

This seems to be still not possible.

BB is currently not usable.

Furthermore I need a way to specify not only installed Firefox and Chrome browsers but portable browsers from Firefox and Chrome as well: NOTĀ“possible!


The Cookie Manager is low on the priority list. It was once filed here: LP#1400109

For the next release (BleachBit 2.2) I will add a feature that will later (after 2.2) be extended to support portable browsers. Initially it will make it easier to maintain browsers between operating systems and variations (like Google Chrome vs Chromium)

Andrew, lead developer

Shame it is low on the priority list.
I agree with the original poster, this for me is a major one so I can't use BB without it either unfortunately.

Looks to have been on the wishlist since 2014 lol