[Win] Disable MsgBox when errors occurs with command line

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when running :
bleachbit_console.exe --preset --clean

it may encounter errors when deleting files (already in use). So my script is blocked.
Is there a way to add a switch like --skip_error ?



Which version of BleachBit? Which version of Windows? Would you please post a screenshot of the message box?

Normally when a file is locked, there should not be a popup error message. The error message should be written as text with the list of deleted files.

A good way to post a screenshot here is to use a site like https://snag.gy/ to host the screenshot, and then post the link here. Alternatively upload the screenshot to https://github.com/bleachbit/bleachbit/issues while posting an issue ticket there

Andrew, lead developer


I've submitted the issue there :