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BleachBit fails to make files unrecoverable! Drive wipe does not work either! All drive wipe does is take time doing nothing. Every custom file I made was recoverable no matter what settings I used. Also it fails to delete browser history for Firefox and Opera. I can't understand how this software gets any rating! It is basically a lie.

If denial keeps up regardless of it not working, I will have to make videos and post them as proof! People need to know if something is or isn't doing the job it is supposed to do!


What version of BleachBit?

Which OS are you using?

Are you running BleachBit under admin/root (this helps a lot)?

Are you wiping another drive, other then C:/ drive? Please note that BleachBit can only wipe C:/ drive right now. This will hopefully be expanded by 2.0, but no promises.

I haven't use the wipe free space mode since I got my SSD (over a year ago) but I do know for sure that shred is working fine and makes files unrecoverable.

Also, another thing you might want to try is running under safe mood so no process is interrupting BleachBit while it is wiping.

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George, I am glad to look into if you could please answer ROCKNROLLKID's questions.

Also please let me know if you enabled "Overwrite files to hide contents" in the preferences?

Which software did you use to recover the files?

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