CleanerML and BleachBit


I have an idea that arose to me recently. Since BleachBit recently added winapp2 on github, this should be somewhat easy to do. Since the recent issue with firefox autocomplete, I am sure that was probably hard to determine if that happened at the base of BleachBit or in CleanerML. Also, since BleachBit only updates usually once or twice a year, I figured we can keep CleanerML updates and BleachBit base updates seperately. Just like winapp2, add an option to keep CleanerML updated as new entries come alone. This will help determine CleanerML issues vs BleachBit base issues. This will also help keep BleachBit ahead for new entries. Just an idea for BleachBit in the future.

Yes, I would like to make CleanerML updates automatic over the Internet, but there are a few issues to work out. For example, BleachBit 1.2 is the first version to support cleaning places.sqlite through a new action, so cleaners that use this may need to be blocked in older versions of BleachBit.

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Old topic but I filed this here: I think this feature would be a good idea.

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Yes, thank you for filing it. I set a milestone for it.

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What about this?

The link switches to a project named kreetingkard or something like that.

What happened? :P

timofonic: I don't understand. What link?

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