BleachBit 1.6 not deleting Recent documents & Trash files on linux (Zorin_64bit)


First of all want to thanks Andrew for this greate tool. But I have one question/ suggestion, I don´t know is it bug or what.
When I start "BleachBit as Administrator", all works greate. In the "System" I checked option "Recent documents list" and "Trash". But when I run BleachBit as Administrator it delete some files, but Recent documents still show me files which I recent open/ use and Trash folder still have files/ folders. What is this and how can be fixed?
Best regards, Домин.

On Linux there are different ways to run as administrator (i.e., different ways to run sudo). Some of them switch to the root user, which also switches the home directory (for which ~ is a shortcut). When this happens, running BleachBit as administrator cleans only the root account.

You will need to run BleachBit as Administrator to clean things like logs and localizations, and then to clean things like recently used files, you need to run not as root.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for reply Andrew.
When I install BleachBit it creates 2 entries: BleachBit and BleachBit as Administrator. And of course, I run second entry and type root password. But nothing happen with Recent lists & Trash. Then I try to start BleachBit in terminal using command "sudo bleachbit" and type password. Recent documents lists - successfully deleted, but Trash not fully empty. Folders delete successfully but one image stay in the Trash and it doesn´t delete. (this image I delete from my partition). What to do? Thanks, Домин