Pausing and stopping BleachBit


It would be nice if BleachBit added a option to pause and stop BleachBit without completely closing BleachBit out. Today, I did a clean and I saw an error had appeared while cleaning out Firefox entries, but because I couldn't pause BleachBit and when I tried scrolling up to see what it was, BleachBit keeps bumping it back down to the bottom, it would be nice if BleachBit had a way to pause and stop without completely closing BleachBit. I think this has already been suggested before, but I couldn't find the topic anywhere.

This would be nice.

You can stop BleachBit 1.4 by "Xing out" the application, but I know that's not the same thing.

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It looks like someone already filed this a long time ago (must of been where I saw this, too) as bug number 437324 here:

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Fixed in Git commit 60eb46d333397daa720e2ed4e20b6b247255ee35

If you are on Windows, you can test CI build 2.3.1135 from

Andrew, lead developer