Making BleachBit smaller


So I decided to compare BleachBit sizes with other cleaners. Slimcleaner installation is 482KB (their actually program is bigger though), System Ninja, which is as small as BleachBit is 2.34MB, then I checked up on the famious CCleaner which is 4.42MB, then lastly I checked up on BleachBit which takes the top of 6.06MB. This is interesting considering CCleaner is a larger program then BleachBit is, offering more features and more cleaning rules. So it brang me to the idea for BleachBit, what can we, BleachBit and the community do, for BleachBit 2.0, what can we do to make BleachBit smaller. I mean if BleachBit is going to be the largest cleaner, doesn't it defeat its own purpose, to free up space? Maybe the owner can look into removing some old coding, that supports on windows 98 or windows 2000 systems, or removing some uneeded coding and replacing it with something smaller. Ofcourse, it is only a suggestion. Doing so will offer a smaller program without taking alot of space (more then the others), a slightyly faster download and installation, and won't defeat its own purpose while also raising its own reputation.

This is a good thing to consider and to work on in the future. I am considering rewriting some parts of BleachBit and the changes may impact the size.

For now, something some points to consider

1. On Windows, I have gone through some tricks, such as deleting files and using special compression, to slim down BleachBit. Also, I have postponed some changes because they would add to the installer file size.

2. You can make the BleachBit installation smaller by not installing translations.

3. On Linux, BleachBit is only about 400KB (depending on the Linux distribution). It's larger on Windows because basically every Linux system already comes with Python and GTK+ software used by BleachBit. There's not any great solution to this.

4. On modern systems the cost of downloading and installing a program of this size is relatively small compared to the amount of disk space it can free up---typically many times more, especially during the first cleaning.

So I will keep this in mind for the the rewrite.

Andrew, lead developer


How about creating 2 seperate installers for translations. One can be the orginal, no tranlatios and the other can be for translations only. That way people who don't need tranlations can have a smaller download, about 1.2mb smaller and whoever needs them can add the extra via different download. The reason why I recommended this is because I know some people who use BleachBit and have slow internet connections and not alot of space on a harddrive. I know maybe 7Mb isn't alot but it's still a difference.

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I posted an English-only installer. Based on the most recent translations, it shrinks the installer by shrinks installer by 4% (248KB from 6206KB to 5958KB) and saves even more space of installation files because the translation files are uncompressed when installed.

Andrew, lead developer