winapp2 - where to place?

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i have placed BleachBit portable on a separate partition than the WinXP C: drive if that makes any difference(?)

in any case in version 0.9.5 its not fetching the Winapp2.ini file for some reason (perhaps not checking for updates either)

i get this error:

Error when checking for updates:

(even tho my internet connection is working (streaming a radio staion right now) and i'm not currently using any host files or peerblock type program.)

so i wanted to grab the Winapp2.ini file myself and placed it in share>cleaners and then when that didn't seem to work, also just the root folder, which doesn't seem to have worked either as i have Notepad++ and BleachBit is set to show all cleaners but it doesn't show Notepad++ or any others in the list aside those already in the cleaners folder natively.

this is Winapp2 version 3.26.121221 fwiw.

any ideas?


(BleachBit keeps getting better btw - this is a nice feature to grab the Winapp file automatically)

ok the error i get is:

"Error when checking for updates - urlopen error timed out"

If you get "error checking for updates," this is typically caused by the Windows firewall, another security/antivirus program, or a corporate firewall (if you are on a business network).

To find the directory to manually place winapp2.ini, open BleachBit, click Help, click System Information, and look for the line with personal_cleaners_dir. This line shows where to place winapp2.ini.

By the way, you may also want to try CCEnhancer, which automatically downloads winapp2.ini updates for CCleaner and BleachBit

Andrew, lead developer