BleachBit.ini file and custom cleaners



I use 0.9.4-stable version. I want to use "Custom List" feature. But I have too much custom directories to clean (about 140 directories). I can not select each of them from "browse window".

I try to type the directories on the BleachBit.ini file. But I could not understant the format of this file. The file includes:

4_path = D:\Dir1\SubDir1
1_type = folder
2_type = folder
1_path = D:\Dir1\SubDir2
0_path = D:\Dir1\SubDir3
3_path = D:\Dir1\SubDir4
4_type = folder
3_type = folder
0_type = folder
2_path = D:\Dir1\SubDir5

Can someone tell me what is "x_type = folder" line? If I delete this lines, BleachBit does not open the Options window.

Thank you

Each folder or file is recorded in bleachbit.ini as a pair with a matching number. The type is always either file or folder. So if you have 140 directories, then you would need entries 280 entries, and half of them are 0_type through 129_type would all be #_type = folder.

An alternative is to use the more powerful CleanerML. For exampling globbing should reduce the number of entries, so you can do something like d:\dir1\subdir*, and the asterisk automatically expands the directories.

Remember on Windows to make a backup of your CleanerML files because CleanerML files under c:\program files\ are deleted on upgrading BleachBit.

Andrew, lead developer

I write my directories as you told me. And it works now.

Thank you! :)