BleachBit 1.2

BleachBit 1.2 fixes overwriting free disk space; better supports Firefox, Ubuntu, and Fedora; and more.


September 8, 2014: BleachBit 1.4 has been released.


These are the changes since version 1.0:

  • When overwriting free disk space is aborted, use a fallback system to make sure the temporary files are deleted before BleachBit exits abnormally; store temporary files in standard temporary file directories; and speed up on Linux.
  • Expose Mozilla URL history (places.sqlite) cleaner to CleanerML, so better custom cleaners can be written for Mozilla-based browsers.
  • Update Warzone 3.1 for Windows.
  • Better find Firefox profiles (LP#1287489; patch by Gogeden)
  • Add warnings to some cleaners about deleting passwords (thanks to theatre-x).
  • All of BleachBit is now on GitHub across four repositories.
  • Specific to Linux / Unix
    • Add cleaner for APT package lists.
    • Update Konqueror cleaner (thanks to tiemay).
    • Update Debian package for Debian and Ubuntu.
    • Add Fedora 20 RPM package.
    • Add Ubuntu 14.04 DEB package.
    • Do not crash on startup for new platforms (in this case, for FreeBSD) .
  • Specific to Windows
    • Offer an alternative installer without any (human) language translations, which shrinks installer by 4%.
    • Shred integration is optional in installer.
    • In case a file does not exist (which typically happens when another process deletes after BleachBit scans it), on Windows show "does not exist" instead of "special file type cannot be deleted"


  • Update Arabic thanks to Ahmad Gharbeia أحمد غربية.
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) thanks to Pin-hsien Li.
  • Update Czech thanks to Tadeáš Pařík.
  • Update Dutch thanks to rob.
  • Update Estonian thanks to Jalakas.
  • Update Finnish thanks to Jiri Grönroos.
  • Update Galician thanks to Marcos Lans.
  • Update German thanks to Daniel Winzen.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Indonesian thanks to Trisno Pamuji.
  • Update Malay thanks to abuyop.
  • Update Persian thanks to Mehdi Moayedi, Youhanna Parvizinejad.
  • Update Polish thanks to Paweł Szerszon and Piotr Strębski.
  • Update Spanish thanks to Adolfo Jayme, Adrián García, and Nicolás Pierini.
  • Update Svetoslav Stefanov thanks to Atanas Kovachki.
  • Update Turkish thanks to Muhammet Kara.
  • Update Uzbek thanks to Akmal Xushvaqov.

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Known issues

BleachBit 1.3 fixes bugs including:

  • Google Chrome: no such table: meta
  • Google Chrome: no such table: autofill_dates


Installation packages are ready for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and openSUSE.