BleachBit 1.4

BleachBit 1.4 has much better support for Winapp2.ini, Firefox, and Google Chrome plus other improvements.


November 18, 2014: BleachBit 1.6 has been released.


These are the changes since version 1.2:

  • Firefox: Fix DatabaseError: no such table: moz_hosts
  • Firefox: Purge the table moz_hosts in places.sqlite for the option url_history
  • Firefox: Delete Necko Predictive Network Actions
  • Firefox: Delete more session restore files
  • Google Chrome: fix error cleaning autofill_dates
  • Adobe Reader: use wildcards instead of specific versions (thanks to theatre-x)
  • Clean netMRL history in VLC media player (thanks to tiemay)
  • Clean GIMP version 2.8 (thanks to tiemay)
  • Improve support for Liferea (thanks to Lars Windolf)
  • Specific to Linux / Unix
    • Pass control of the ~/.cache/mozilla directory from the System - Cache cleaner to the Firefox - Cache cleaner (LP#1295826)
    • Clean additional locale directories (thanks to tstenner)
    • Clean .mask files in Easytag (thanks to tiemay)
    • Clean more history in the Links web browser (thanks to tiemay)
    • Add packages for CentOS 7 and RHEL 7
  • Specific to Windows
    • Winapp2.ini: on 64-bit systems expand %ProgramFiles% and %CommonProgramFiles% to the 32-bit versions in DetectFile= and FileKey=
    • Winapp2.ini: support wildcards in DetectFile#=
    • Winapp2.ini: support numbers in environment variable names
    • System Information: show ProgramFiles and ProgramW6432
    • Avoid a crash when starting on Windows with an exception in setting environment variables


  • Add Latvian translation thanks to Jānis-Marks Gailis.
  • Update Asturian translation thanks to Xuacu Saturio.
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to Rafael Neri.
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) translation thanks to Pin-hsien Li.
  • Update Czech translation thanks to Milan Horák.
  • Update Dutch translation thanks to rob.
  • Update English (United Kingdom) translation thanks to fossfreedom.
  • Update Finnish translation thanks to Jiri Grönroos.
  • Update Finnish translation thanks to Jiri Grönroos, Kimmo Lahtinen.
  • Update French translation thanks to lann, Jean Marc, Pierre Soulat.
  • Update Galician translation thanks to Marcos Lans.
  • Update German translation thanks to jus, Phillip Sz, lwindolf.
  • Update Hebrew translation thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Malay translation thanks to abuyop.
  • Update Polish translation thanks to Piotr Strębski.
  • Update Russian translation thanks to Jay ZDLin.
  • Update Swedish translation thanks to Mikael Hiort af Ornäs, sweidre, Josef Andersson, Jens Stääf.
  • Update Tamil translation thanks to raja, SyedKhaleel Jageer.

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Known issues

The newest version of Google Chrome may produce the error "Favicons is version 29" (issue LP#1367277). Consequently, a relatively small part of Google Chrome is not cleaned. This is fixed in BleachBit 1.5.2 beta.

On startup on some Windows systems, BleachBit may produce the error "access denied." This is fixed in BleachBit 1.5.2 beta.

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