wiping slack space, windows 8, firefox browser


I am receiving an error code wiping slack space. what does it indicate?

File "bleachbit\GUI.pyo", line 593, in cb_wipe_free_space
File "bleachbit\GuiBasic.pyo", line 40, in browse_folder
File "bleachbit\Windows.pyo", line 123, in browse_folder
pywintypes.com_error: (-2147467259, 'Unspecified error', None, None)


jgm456: This error is related to selecting a folder. If you want to wipe the free space on your C: drive, then you would pick any writable folder in C:.

If you have a removable drive, like a removable hard drive or flash drive, then you can pick that too.

The error is not very specific but I imagine it may happen if you pick an unusual kind of drive like a DVD or something like that. Perhaps you could experiment by choosing different drivers or folders, and let me know what you discover.

Andrew, lead developer

You asked, "So are you saying, bleachbit can not decern Slack Space on C: drive? Each folder contained on C: must B selected individually?"

When using Wipe Free Space from the File, you must choose each drive separately. If you routinely wipe the same drives, then set them up in the preferences, and then in the "tree" dialog choose System - Free Disk Space to clean.

Andrew, lead developer