Wipe Free Space on Windows 10


Hello to all of you,

I wish to start by thanking the creators of BleachBit, making this free open source and effective tool which I have been using for many years now.

Here is the issue I run into.

I have some files on my Windows 10 desktop. I Proceeded to delete these files by putting them in the garbage like any user would do. I emptied the garbage. I than proceeded by using BleachBit and doing a (Wipe Free Space).

After this was complete I noticed the following....

Using the Recuva software after using BleachBit, I was able to view the file names of the wiped files. Now the files where overwritten from what I can tell using the hex editor seeing all zero's on the header, however the file names were intact. My guess is this was happening because BleachBit was not wiping the MFT....

To test my theory, I used CCleaner using a Single Pass wipe method, and using Recuva again, I was unable to view the file names.

So my question is:

1) Is it possible that I am doing something wrong and that BleachBit is not in cause.

2) Is it possible that BleachBit is not wiping the MFT?

By the way, my partition are in NTFS.



BleachBit version 1.12 does not wipe the MFT on Microsoft Windows. Old versions attempted to do this, but it was removed because of side effects. I would like to add this feature again.

I would be interested if you could repeat the experiment but use BleachBit to delete the files (using the Shred Files option in the File menu) before wiping the free space. The Shred Files command: wipes the contents, truncates the file, shreds the name, and then deletes the file.

Andrew, lead developer

Hello Andrew,

I will do my best to repeat the experiment tomorrow at the latest.

Best regards,



You might also want to try different recovery tools because Recuva is made by the same people who make CCleaner, so they could make Recuva look good for CCleaner but not BleachBit as a marketing gimack.

Maybe try Kickass Undelete or something else that is open-source.

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Hello RockNRollkid

In regards to the Recuva software, I sincerely doubt that. The files either show up, or they don't. I did add some files on my desktop, I shredded them using BleachBit with option to overwrite files to hide contents. After doing so, I loaded Recuva and I could not find these files doing a deep scan, that includes files names.

The only time I have issues is when I get rid of a file by placing it in the garbage like most users do, and elect to do a Wipe Free Space afterward. BleachBit seems to get rid of the information in the file, but omits to erase or clear the file name.