Will there be a BleachBit for Mint 18?

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I'm going to apologize in advance if this question is in the wrong forum. It didn't seem like it belonged in Support because it's not a usage question.

I noticed in the download page that BleachBit provides different links even for closely related Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Mint. For example, there is currently a download link for Mint 17 - 17.3, but no link for Mint 18, even though Cinnamon and Mate have been out for months now. Not to rush the developers, but will there ever be a BleachBit for Mint 18? If so, roughly when will it be released? If not, would one of the other versions work on Mint 18?


The codebase for Linux Mint 18 (Sarah) is Ubuntu 16.04, so please use the package for Ubuntu 16.04.

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@Andrew: Maybe you want to label that on the download page so people know for the future. Samething with OpenSUSE, too, since there isn't any for new(er) versions of it.

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I just noticed that on the download page (https://www.bleachbit.org/download/linux), there's now a link for Mint 18 and the link is identical to the one for Ubuntu 16.04. It didn't occur to me to compare the link for Ubuntu 14.04 with the one for Mint 17 - 17.3, but even if I had, it's now less confusing for new users. Thanks for the clarification!

Yes, the Linux Mint 18 is new, and I added it after your question. Thank you for reminding me I missed Mint 18.

Yes, for Linux Mint I have been linking to the equivalent Ubuntu packages.

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