Will thumbs.db delete my photos?

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I ran the preview and one of items listed to be deleted was:

Delete 8.7kB C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pics2\Thumbs.db

There were several similar files that were listed to be deleted. Will this erase some unseen file or will this erase my actual pics? Any idea which box to un-check if this will delete pics?


The Thumbs.db files are listed when you click Deep Scan - Thumbs.db. These files are a cache of photos: they are thumbnails (low-resolution miniatures), but not the actual photos (such as .jpg, .png). Deleting thumbs.db is always safe. In some cases thumbs.db files waste disk space and are a privacy risk, but in normal use, thumbs.db files speed up the display of folders with many pictures (usually .jpg). If you delete the thumbs.db files and open a folder in which one was deleted, Microsoft Windows will automatically regenerate the thumbs.db file (which is normally hidden).

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for the reply. I ran BleachBit and it did a couple of things. First it fixed a problem I had been experiencing, and it sped up my system. Works better than expected. Thanks!