[SOLVED] Wildcards in Custom


I tried setting up files using wildcards, such as *.txt, but they don't work. Are wildcards not recognized or is there a special way to invoke them in building custon deletions? I directly added them to the bleachbit.ini file as I did with some files without wildcards.

In BleachBit version 1.2 wildcards are not supported through the custom cleaners in the preferences menu. In some cases, you can use that menu to clean the whole folder. Otherwise, some options are

1. Write your owner cleaner using CleanerML
2. Write your own cleaner using Winapp2.ini (only on Windows)
3. Wait for a future release of BleachBit

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks, Andrew. Hopefully it will be allowable in future releases. My custom addons were out of a script file that I invoke on boot up. It was nice to be able to get all but three over to BleachBit. In the interim I'll continue my bootup script for those stragglers.


BleachBit 1.3 beta allows wildcard support. The download link is here: http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/news/bleachbit-13-beta Although, this is a beta and could always contain bugs, I have been using it for awhile now with no issues. Hope this helps you. The stable version should be out within a few weeks if you prefer to wait for a stable version.

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I believe JSladek is looking for a way to add the path using a GUI. Even in BleachBit 1.3 there is not a way to add wildcards using the GUI: BleachBit 1.3 just adds more wildcard support in Winapp2.ini**, which is designed using a text editor instead of a "user friendly" GUI or wizard.

Andrew, lead developer

No, I saw immediately in 1.2 that there was no way to add a wild card via GUI. I added them to bleachbit.ini with a text editor and, of course, the wildcards weren't supported as you mentioned earlier.

If you can do that, you can write a cleaner with CleanerML.

An easy way to start is to copy an existing cleaner. Notice in adobe_cleaner.xml on line 30 there is a "glob" command, which is a wildcard.

Just update the ID and labels, rename the .xml file, and put a copy in your personal cleaners directory.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for the "heads up". I'll just hold until the stable makes it to the repository. No hurry. I have a script that covers the wildcard items.

Yes, I see how it's done. I was "toying" with that this afternoon, but have hit my usual stumbling block of writing the path to a file in a wine system subdirectory. I don't have the correct combination of forward and back slashes. I tried a conventional Win path, but that didn't work either. The custom/path with all forward slashes and spaces where needed works fine, but the Cleaner file is a different animal. Any hints are welcome. Typical path is /home/jim/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DX Monitor/*.bak

Because you are using Linux BleachBit, use forward slashes like that without backslashes. How about you post the whole XML file on a pastebin or gist?

Andrew, lead developer

If I did it right, the file is at: http://pastebin.com/8X31AcSt

In all three actions, you have two spaces in "Program Files." Try deleting one space.

In the second action, remove the forward slash.

Andrew, lead developer

Just got home a little while ago. That did it and they work fine. I don't know how many times I looked at those spaces and slashes. Now I can build the couple I have left on my script file and do it all in BleachBit. It's rreally a simple process once you lay it all out. Just have to watch the spaces and slashes.