whitelist dialoge windows


Hello. Using Windows XP Pro, fully updated, and BB .9.2. When I go to BB menu Edit>Preferences>Whitelist, even after opening the window to full screen view, the scroll bars still appear on the right and the interior frames do not appear to size correctly. It leaves the upper section quite large, where nothing is showing, and the lower section, where I put the whitelist of files, etc., cannot be resized. It looks as though it functions wrongly.

I don't know whether Sourceforge or Bleachbit is at fault for the problem, but if you are going to use captchas to verify access, at least have the function working right so that I don't have to guess at your images and spend five minutes trying to enter what I think it is trying to show. I shouldn't have this issue of inefficiency just for posting a support request. To say it is frustrating is an understatement.

Sorry about the CAPTCHA. After getting 100 spam posts in one day, I made them harder. However, then I backed them down, and I am pretty sure they work OK. I will check again.

SourceForge is not cooperative with the spam problem. They do not allow me to use any good anti-spam services.

Could you please post a screenshot of the bug? One way is to upload to an image hosting service like postimage.org and put the URL here. Another way is to file a bug report at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit . A third way (least preferred) is to email me at the link at the very bottom of every page on this web site.

Andrew, lead developer

Okay, I just posted the image of the malfunctioning window here:


If the problem is not clearly explained, let me know.

Regarding Sourceforge's lack of cooperation, I can appreciate your sentiment. Although spammers are on a level with pawn shop dealers in my opinion, Sourceforege ought to get its priorities straight too.

I see what you mean: the notice at the top enlarges, but this is a waste of space. More space should be devoted to the list of files and folders.

So this does not get lost, I filed the bug report here:

Andrew, lead developer

Please test the fix in BleachBit 1.9.2 beta And please feel free to add a comment to this bug ticket whether the new release fixes the reported issue. If you notice new issues, please open a new bug ticket for each issue.

Andrew, lead developer