What Happened To Icecat For Bleachbit?


I saw that Andrew I believe created an icecat.xml that is dated Dec 2012;


What happened, can we please get Icecat put into Bleachbit?

Since Firefox is doing DRM, there might be a lot of people in the future that will choose Icecat, I certainly am...

Thank you

Would you please update it and agree to regularly test it with new releases of BleachBit and IceCat?

Instead of deleting places.sqlite, please use action="mozilla_url_history". This surgically deletes the history without deleting bookmarks.

There have been many changes in Firefox that you can see in the file https://github.com/az0/bleachbit/commits/master/bleachbit/Cleaner.py . IceCat should be on par.

Please test it on a modern version of Icecat and report the operating system version and IceCat version

Thank you

Andrew, lead developer

Well I thought I was really going to use IceCat but it's got it's own issues, so for now I'm not going to bother...

Sorry for the excitement.

Personally at this point in time I'm looking more at QupZilla.