"warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file" for portable Bleach Bit


Hi. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and i was wondering why that message would come up multiple times when i launch the portable version of BleachBit. The program doesn't start and that message (Command Prompt) spasticly pops up. I saw this forum topic here but it didn't answer my question:


I was wondering if you could help.

Roy (Emoteen134)

The link is probably not related because you are using Windows, and the link refers to Linux. Both do refer to a sort of portable mode, but the portable mode is different on the two operating systems.

Most likely in your case the portable .zip file was not unpacked properly? Do you use the unzip system built into Windows 7, or do you use a third party archiver like WinZip, 7-zip, WinRAR, etc? Do you see a file called COPYING (no extension) in the same folder as bleachbit.exe?

In any case, try these steps
1. Disable any antivirus or put it into game mode
2. Download the portable .zip again
3. Unzip the portable .zip file
4. Run bleachbit.exe or bleachbit_console.exe

If that doesn't help:
1. Give you BleachBit version (0.8.7 final or 0.8.8 beta?) and send a screenshot, or
2. try the installer (non-portable version)
3. try the portable version from Portable Apps.

Andrew, lead developer