Using Bleachbit with External Hard Drives


I am running Bleachbit on a Linux Mint 18 desktop system. I have a tower with 4 hard drives. 2 of the drives are partitioned, giving me 6 logical external drives with a total of 12 TB of external space.

Quite simply, I have been unable to figure our how to get Bleachbit to address these external drives without undo problems. I have setup directories for Bleachbit to use as a cache on each of the drives. And these cache directories have been recorded in the preferences. But Bleachbit is not cleaning these drives.

I also tried putting a directory into the custom section. Bleachbit simply renames the directory.

What am missing here?
How do I make this work?

Lloyd Hayes

Hello Lloyd,

Are you using BleachBit version 1.12?

You want to delete the cache files, right? (This is in contrast to deleting the free space.)

What do you mean "renames the directory?"

Andrew, lead developer

Bleachbit 1.10. It is the latest version in the Linux Mint repository. I can't do anything about that.

In attempting to figure out how to get Bleachbit to scan directories on external drives, I created a directory on an external drive called, "Bleachbit_Test". I also copies a few folders with files into this directory. (I also created a folder called "Bleachbit_Cache" in the root directory of that drive, and included it in the Bleachbit perference "Drives" list..) I then added the "Bleachbit_Cache" folder to the "Custom" list in Bleachbit preferences. When running Bleachbit, it renamed "Bleachbit_Test" to "2". As far as I could tell, the folders contained with-in this directory were not disturbed.