Use a startup folder shortcut to clean at Windows Startup


I would like to suggest somebody use the startup folder solution for cleaning at windows startup and write instructions for your site. It runs at boot and reboot. I have used it in both WinXp and 7. Its also a fairly quick setup, once you are use to it. I also feel my boot up runs quicker and smoother, since its basically a dos operation like Junk Removal Tool or Apt-get.

A quick explanation is the startup folder at startupbutton/programs/startup folder is the output side. A person has to navigate into sub folders down to the Input startup folder and right click and use the wizard. I used, "C:\No Installers\BleachBit-Portable\bleachbit_console.exe --clean --preset", with no quotes for the file path and I give it a personalized title like "My Little Helper", no quotes to make it harder for possible spyware,later.

Finding the Input startup folder takes some reading, see the info and link below for more details.

====a quote:
Where is the Windows Startup folder located?

The version of Windows on your computer may change the location of the Startup folder. Therefore, we've put together a listing of the default locations of the Startup folder in all versions of Windows.

Tip: The Startup folder may also be found by using Windows Explorer.

Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users

For an individual users, the startup menu can be found in the following example location; where %username% is the name of the account you're logged into.

C:\users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


I used the search terms, "STARTUP FOLDER DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS", if the link breaks.

Just to be honest this idea was suggested by the author of for his cleaners before 1.5.7. I just remembered and applied it. I think he eventually wrote a sub routine to do it in 1.5.7, because once it was installed it was still a startup folder item. (If you peak at 1.5.7 click on the "c" in the program. He eventually fixed it, but I never used the new ones.)

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Please file your suggestion here at BleachBit launchpad: looked like a nice tool to have, but it has not been updated since 2010. Too bad that developer could not have joined the BleachBit team and help expended one great product.

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