Ubuntu 15.04, Kontact ToDo list


I suddenly decided to use bleachbit to clear some space in my dual boot Ubuntu/WinXP machine.

Everything looks OK so far except that my To DO list is empty in Kontact. I have all the other parts of Kontact like contacts, calendar, pop-notes etc. Only To Do list is empty.

Is there any way to recover my To Do list?


Do you know which cleaners (options) you had enabled when this happened? I do not remember that BleachBit cleans any part of Kontact.

There is a general KDE cleaner that cleans cache, temporary files, and the recent documents list (but not the documents). There are also several cleaners that clean KDE apps: Gwnenview, Konqueror, Rekonq. Amarok, K3b, Kopete, and Okular.

If you have "overwrite files to hide contents" enabled, recovery is doubtful. If not, the first step to undelete a file is to stop writing to the file system. Then the specific steps depend on the kind of file system. If you have ext4, for example, try a Google search for "ext4 undelete" (without the quotes).

Andrew, lead developer


After 2 days, the ToDo list has come back. I have no idea why it disappeared after BleachBit and how it reappeared now.

Thanks for your interest.