[ubuntu 14.04] Bleachbit < 1.2 create a huge file or millions of fragment ?


Good morning.

I signal than the french community alert of use bleachbit < 1.2 :
<< BleachBit is a bad end software, which often replaces the deleted files with a huge file, or by millions of fragments ("shredding" or "shred" function), which, by saturating a score, going against its goal.
Delete as fragments can then take hours!
Also, depending on how you launched bleachbit, these millions of fragments can be hidden in a subdirectory of / root /.
bleachbit you think that, in this state, you should you use it at your own risk, you will follow the evolution of df -i after each use and you should know locate and purge these unwanted files or directories, where that 'they are.>>

Source : https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/bleachbit

BleachBit version 1.2 was released two years ago to address this issue, and I highly recommend that users upgrade.

Ubuntu makes upgrading difficult for two reasons
1. They disable BleachBit's functionality to check for updates on its own
2. Ubuntu does not update BleachBit through the Ubuntu repositories except with an upgrade of the Ubuntu distribution

So users of old Ubuntu distributions get no updates unless they use the official BleachBit packages from this web site.

Andrew, lead developer