Thunderbird, Firefox cleaners still not completely correct


I posted about this a while back & mentioned some workarounds I found (mainly Thunderbird - Windows), but they're still not fixed. If I submitted a cleaner xml for Thunderbird, I could only change code for Windows. I'd be guessing for anything else.

There are a couple of problems.
* BB doesn't find most Tbird entries, even for the default profile in default location for profiles;
* It doesn't find any user created profiles for either Fx or TB in the default profile location.

The Thunderbird.xml has wrong name for Windows default TB profile.
For cache, the line reads:

<action command="delete" search="walk.all" path="$localappdata\Thunderbird\Profiles\????????.default\Cache\"/">

The default profile name is actually xxxxxxxx.Default User.

If you change the profile name to

<action command="delete" search="walk.all" path="$localappdata\Thunderbird\Profiles\*.*\Cache\"/>

I believe it finds all profiles in the default location (default & user named profiles).

The same is true for the other Thunderbird cleaning items. Making the same change as above will find all of them for all profiles in the default path: $localappdata\Thunderbird\Profiles\....

If the correct location for latest BB files is:,
then Firefox may have one of Tbird's issues - it finds only the xxxxxxxx.Default User profile, not user named profiles. To find all profiles in Windows, the code for profile names could be changed to
cache_base = "$localappdata\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\Profiles\\*.*"

* Storage Folder - in Firefox .
Shouldn't there be new cleaners for Firefox Storage folder? Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.*\storage\ ?
e.g., for storage\default, storage\permanent\, storage\temporary


Maybe relates to this:

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