Test results for BleachBit 1.5.2


These are my results for BleachBit 1.5.2 beta under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1.

- Firefox backup files and session restore entries are being cleaned.
- Auto hide is working like it should and it was enabled by default.
- BleachBit did not crash whatsoever on start up (I never had that issue anyways).
- Add and remove is showing 1.5.2.
- Uninstalled BleachBit twice in silent mode and everything was working fine.

Issues still present:
- When I updated, it showed that 1.4 was the latest version.
- Free space wiper is still showing missing file.
- Previewing for large files is still taking a long time. I thought you were going to fix that in this release?

Also I wanted to ask if you had plans on making versions for OpenBSD and FreeBSD because those are getting more popular these days.

Thanks for testing. As you may have noticed, I fixed the update notification.

Wiping free disk space: "file not found" is bug 1299906, and it is still open. If you want, you can login to Launchpad and subscribe to updates.

In Launchpad you can also see everything targeted by release. For example, here is bugs targeted for release 1.6. There can be other changes not recorded in Launchpad.

Wiping speed is also in Launchpad, and it is still open too. Sorry, I haven't had time, and I would like to get several important bug already fixed released in a stable version.

The current version has some some support for NetBSD 5, which was contributed. I would be glad to support OpenBSD and FreeBSD with contributed code, maintenance, and support, but at this time I have no plans to do it myself.

Andrew, lead developer


That is fine. I only put those up as a reminder of issues still happening on my BleachBit. You still haven't answered my question of what the status is on the previewing bug, which I thought was going to be fixed in this release?

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Windows 10 x64 (switching to ReactOS in the future).

Preview time is slow with many files to compare (bug 1265963): it is not in this release.

To continue experimenting with using contractors, a few times I offered it on odesk.com and freelancer.com . One contractor accepted, I put the money into escrow, and he canceled without explanation. Right now I have another offer that looks maybe too pricey.

If I can find a reliable contractor who works for a fair price, I'd offer other jobs too.

Right now this bug is targeted for 1.8, but keep in mind the targeting is sometimes idealistic, and things get bumped. A lot of priority rearranging will likely happen soon because Maël Lavault is writing updates to GTK+ version 3, which I was not planning to do myself for a while, but it is good that it is happening.

Andrew, lead developer