software does not work

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i have win xp with sp3.couple of days before i installed last available bleachbit but it seems to me that it does not work.
are thre any additional files to download?


Although, I do not own BleachBit, but I can assist you. Please note, in the future, that a topic like this requesting support does not belong under the Suggestion section, it belongs under the Support section.

What exactly is your issue? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and did it work?

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Did you install BleachBit-1.0-setup.exe? This should be all you need. On Windows XP, there are no other requirements.

When you run BleachBit, do you see anything? If there is an error message, please copy it exactly.

Are you starting BleachBit from the Windows start menu, or from the desktop icon?

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