Section for Scripts?

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was wondering if it was possible to have a small section where users could post scripts for automating the use of BleachBit?

for example, i would like to have to script in Ubuntu that would run BleachBit and then shutdown the computer. Would be good to have one in WinXP as well i guess. As it is now BleachBit takes several minutes to finish i think because of the multiple Firefox profiles i have and then i sometimes run it as admin too before shutdown. Would be great have one-click clean and shutdown and i guess scripts would be the way to go. Myself i don't know enough to write one though. :(

btw that "chron" thing wouldn't be much of a solution since the browser is usually opened so BleachBit would skip cleaning it.

I like the idea. For now I would like people to post scripts in the forums (which can be organzied with tags already), and if there seems to be much demand, then I would look for another place to post user scripts.

For cleaning and shutting down, you could try something like this

killall firefox
sleep 60s
bleachbit --clean firefox.cache
shutdown 0 -h

Andrew, lead developer