safe configuration for BleachBit


after the latest version of ccleaner,it seemed like a good idea to find an alternative.
BB seemed like a good option for me.
I'd like to configure it in a safe way so it won't brake stuff on my PC.
i need some help telling me which check boxes are safe to choose.
I'm not looking for an ultra paranoid thorough clean,just the useful and safe one,
maybe replicate the ones that comes by default on CCleaner and maybe add some more that you see fit.
what i really don't want, is the cleaner to wipe free space or overwrite files each time i use the cleaner.
this are my current settings:


BleachBit version: 
Your operating system: 
windows 8.1

A safe place to start is to enable options labeled "cache" and "temporary files." These typically remove the largest files without any functional effect. For example, this will not log you out of web sites.

Andrew, lead developer