Running elevated BleachBit 1.12 from std. user acct logs off that acct


In BB 1.12, while logged into a std. user acct & wanting to run BB w/ an admin's PW, to clean things stored in the admin acct, it now automatically logs me OUT of the user acct & into the admin acct for the PW entered . Actually loads the admin desktop & any programs set to start when logging into the admin acct.

The v1.10 changes mentions,

"Cleaning Windows Explorer - Thumbnails will now temporarily close and restart Windows Explorer to thoroughly clean it. When you check this option, you will be warned."

But restarting Explorer normally doesn't close running apps & log you out of current profile.

I've never seen an app do this, when running any program "as an administrator" from a user acct.

After BB was finished, I had to log out of the admin acct, then log back into the user acct. Not "switch back" to the user acct. BB apparently logged out of user acct & forced closing a number of apps - w/o asking.

One problem is, there may be other apps open under the user acct - that don't close properly when BB forces logging off the user acct. Or unsaved work or browser pages you were using / sites logged into, etc. I can see a number of potential problems if this is the new intentional behavior when running BB at elevated level from a user acct.


This is being changed in a future update. Instead of BleachBit restarting explorer.exe it will instead mark as delete so the files get deleted on restart instead. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update.

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