Run bleachbit at logout or shutdown as user - linux


an option to auto run bleachbit when user logs out or shutdowns would be helpful.
while there is an option to run bleachbit when computer starts, i prefer to run bleachbit
when i logout or shutdown.
the fastest option would be for bleachbit to just autodelete based on my predefined settings.

Have you thought about a script like this?

bleachbit --clean -preset
shutdown 0 -h

Andrew, lead developer

yeah, thanks. i run bleachbit at startup with cli "bleachbit -c --preset", this is easier and faster than clicking buttons in the gui.
i put this under Suggestions because maybe other users prefer this method (auto run bb at logout or shutdown instead of leaving data on hd until next login or startup) so a checkable option might be nice for non-scriptors...
one of my notebooks has dualboot w7 and linux > i can horse around in w7 as linux root, of course not the other way around. So, I realized that data I would rather delete sooner than later is there until the next time i fire up w7 or linux.