Right click content on the recycle bin


An idea arose to me over time. I deleted a lot of files on my PC almost everyday. The only time I empty my recycling bin is with BleachBit so I can have it all pass wiped to secure its content. My recycling bin fills up fast and, although I have it set to unlimited storage on the bin, it still stores up high and fast. i run BleachBit maybe once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. So an idea came up of mine to add a content menu to the recycling bin to allow BleachBit to delete files in the recycling bin and allow it to pass wipe the files in it as well.

It's a good idea. I have to research how to programmatically wipe those files.

(BleachBit 1.0's recycle bin cleaner on Windows does not support wiping.)

Andrew, lead developer


I had a discussion over at piriform. They said they also clean out the "S-1-5-21-" folders located under C:/Recylin Bin. The link is here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=41175 for more information. I figured you can also fine tune BleachBit to do this, aswell.

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I filed this as https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/+bug/1329144

Andrew, lead developer