Request: Iconsets & System Tray



Does bleachbit hardcode the icon it uses for the various places it loads?

window titlebar
preferences titlebar
Help - About

If the icon is hardcoded, please consider not doing this for the Linux versions, so the end-user can pick and choose an iconset and have it load this icon instead to theme it with.

Also it would be really GREAT if you'd consider making a system tray for Linux. It would really be nice to minimize it to a system tray to open it when needed on occassion, rather then having to close and reopen it over and over...

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your consideration! :)

The "broom over a hard drive icon" is the only hard-coded icon. Is this the one you mean? Though it is not a great branding icon, it is supposed to be the BleachBit brand like Firefox's "fox wrapped around the world" image.

The other icons (the toolbar) are not hard coded and should change with the theme.

Hmm, the system tray is interesting. In your opinion, is starting BleachBit slow?

Andrew, lead developer

Hopefully in time, if you can do it, would be nice to not have the icon(s) hardcoded, as I mentoned so the end-user can use different icon-sets that will theme it with the icon the Author has created. Like AwOken, the Author created a icon for bleachbit, but since you have the window titlebar hardcoded that won't change.

Bleachbit isn't slow, was just thinking if it might be a nice idea to have it minimized to a tray as well?