Would like registry cleaning Added to BleachBit


i Would like to see registry cleaning for windows added to Bleach Bit like what Little Registry Cleaner dose



There are already some registry cleaning rules in BleachBit and some that are in Winapp2, but I assume you are talking about making a registry cleaner that cleans out unneeded registry entries.

I don't see a whole point in having a registry cleaner built into BleachBit because 1. it will not free up any disk space 2. it will not speed your PC up 3. it will not improve your security or privacy. These are the 3 reasons of what makes BleachBit. Running registry cleaners can actually be dangerous too, in the case that it might "accidentally" delete registry entries that might not be unneeded.

Beside all that, if you would really want BleachBit to have a registry cleaner like Little Registry Cleaner, then you can expect it probably won't do much more then what Little Registry Cleaner already does, so you can just use that along side BleachBit.

Anyways, if Andrew truly did want to, he could take some code from Little Registry Cleaner and implant it in BleachBit, as they both are open-source.

Hope this helps you and thank you for using BleachBit.

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Well stated, ROCKNROLLKID.

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