RAM cleaners and Run Levels at Shutdown


I'm creating a remastered security Linux Distro. I'd like to wipe as much as the ram as possible at shutdown. I know that at lower run levels, less programs run, which in theory should deallocated ram.

Could you give advice on what cleaners to use and what run level(s) to use these cleaners on for a best possible RAM wipe with BleachBit at shutdown?

Use the following cleaner, which I think works at any run level.

bleachbit --clean system.memory

You wouldn't switch run levels just to clean memory, but you could clean memory while the system is shutting down (usually from run levels 3 or 5).

You could make a fake service for it. Nothing happens when the service starts, and when the service shuts down, it runs the memory cleaner command above.

Andrew, lead developer