Providing a PPA for Ubuntu/Mint

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I wanted to suggest adding a PPA so we don't have to be chacking back to see if there are nwe versionas avalable (or subscribing to the RSS feed).

Thank you for this suggestion. A PPA would require extra time for me to setup and maintain for a portion of users, but a PPA would distract from the benefits of the whole set of users because that time could be spent developing common features for BleachBit. Also it takes away from the modest income generated from the website. Also when Ubuntu users write, "Install BleachBit with sudo apt-get install bleachbit" it's convenient but it doesn't support the BleachBit web site.

I have a family with kids, car that needs new tires, etc, and I develop BleachBit as a hobby on a 32-bit, single core computer made in 2004. Without the income, I would have to stop developing BleachBit and instead look for paying work elsewhere (in addition to my day job). On a related note, out of respect for other publishers, this is why I do not use Adblock (Firefox addon). That said, for the convenience of users I have helped put BleachBit in the official repositories for Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

Andrew, lead developer