Problem with Wipe Free Space


And only a question. Yesterday I had a problem with Bleachbit, my computer shuts down unexplectly during the wipe the free space and now my computer hd is full.

I'm using Ubuntu 13.10

How can I solve this?? It's very important for me to recover my free space without format the computer.

Thanks in advance

I assume you are using BleachBit 0.9.6 and BleachBit 1.0, which use a new method to wipe free disk space.

Look in your ${HOME} directory for very large files with obscure names, and then delete these files. Here is a terminal command to search for them. NOTE: This command shows the largest files in your home directory, but not all of them should be deleted.

find ~ -maxdepth 1 -type f | xargs du -bcs | sort -n | tail

If this doesn't help, let me know.

I will make a note to check into this problem more in case there is a code fix necessary.

Andrew, lead developer

Yes, I'm using BleachBit 0.9.6.

Using the command only lists normal files at home directory. I'm located the file on the root folder, delete it and now the free space return to normal size.

Thanks so much Andrew

Today I pushed a mitigation step and a proper fix that will appear in BleachBit 1.1. Please watch for the next release and test it. Thank you

Andrew, lead developer

Andrew, Thank you for your help in getting on here!!
I have the same problem as above, as my wife's HDD is full and the wipe did not complete due to an malfunction(??) and restarted before removal of BB's written files.
I just do not know where to go to find the ${HOME} Folder you wrote about..
It is a Vista OS.
Will installing the latest BB help?
Thank you again,

Hi Nelson,

Sorry about the problem.

If you were using the old BleachBit 1.0 or earlier, try looking in C:\ for files that are very large (possibly 2GB or more). If I remember correctly, the will probably be directly in c:\ or in a strangely-named folder under c:\. The files will have gibberish names.

If you are not sure whether the file is right, please post the folder name and filename.

If you want more help, I can help you interactively using a system like TeamViewer.

Updating to BleachBit 1.2 or later will prevent this from happening again, but it won't clean these files. (However, that is a good idea.)

Andrew, lead developer

Yes it is vrs.9.6.
I will look right now and get back to you...n

if I cannot find it, I would appreciate you helping me through TV....n

I FOUND IT!! and it works just like you said it would!!

I will update to 1.2 now and hopefully we will NEVER have this problem again!!

Thank you soooo much!!