PPA for Ubuntu/Mint?


Hi there,

I noticed today that i hve version 1.0 running on my system while version 1.8 is released. I find this really strange seeing the differences in version number while i'm running Mint 17.2.

My question is: isn't there any PPA available which i can add to my repository list so that Bleachbit will be updated automatically every time there's a new release?

Many thanks!

Ubuntu and Linux Mint policies are that they do not release new versions of BleachBit into their repositories, so for example, Ubuntu 15.04 will always have BleachBit 1.6, even though BleachBit 1.8 was released a little while after Ubuntu 15.04. Also, Ubuntu stops BleachBit for checking for new versions. This has been a problem in the past when there were important bug fixes.

There is not a BleachBit PPA. Please download the BleachBit from this site, and it will notify you when there is a new version available. Alternatively, you can get notified of new releases by RSS, Facebook, or Twitter.

Andrew, lead developer