A possible minor issue from avast, (win 7) v1.9.4

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Hi, I don't think it's important because I know what is a lock file, but since you like to hear from me sometimes, thought that I oblige. "Error in execution of Command to delete C:\Windows\temp\_avast_\AvastLock.txt" but there is no error log.

As far as the error log: one of the enhancements in BleachBit 1.10 is improvements to direct more error messages like this to the GUI window instead of the bleachbit.exe.log file. This is an improvement because the error is easier to see and avoids writing data to the disk.

As far as the error in deleting AvastLock.txt, perhaps you would file a bug ticket here so it can be better tracked: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/

Andrew, lead developer