porting BleachBit to Mac OS X?

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Are there any plans for porting to Mac OS X?

Yes, probably after someone donates a Mac OS X laptop. :)

Andrew, lead developer

Might I suggest, as an alternative the idea of looking into the OSx86 Project? They've made plenty of leeway from what I understand.

I've looked and found two main issues

1. My computer was made in 2004 (CPU is single core, 32-bit, and does not support virtualization) and won't run that (especially well)

2. Apple does not legally allow installing Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware

Andrew, lead developer

I was hoping that you were part of the EU: they have laws overruling that, so it's perfectly legal to run a Hackintosh there. But since you're an American like me (or at least a non-European), you're bound to that SLA just like me. Darn.