Please Add Support For SABnzbd



I hope in a future version you'll please add support for SABnzbd...


I can only help in the case of Windows, so appologies if you meant for linux.

I hope these winapp2.ini entries are satisfactory

[SABnzbd Backup*]

[SABnzbd Logs*]

I gave a try at writing a cleanerML version. No idea if it works of if I formatted it properly.

I was assuming that cleanup would be the same on any OS, but I do use Linux...

Hopefully you can add an entry into a future version for Linux...


P.S. PLEASE REMOVE THE CAPTCHA, also I received this when I tried to make a post and I did type the letters correct;

There was a problem with your form submission. Please wait 52 seconds and try again.

When a user logs in they have submitted their credientals as a Human, bots aren't going to log into sites and type in forums so PLEASE remove all this, it's a big pain in the butt! :(

If you can provide the file paths, I can try to revise the CleanerML entry.

Sorry about the CAPATCHA. What you write about logging in is not consistent with what I've seen. At one point I got 100 forum spam messages in a single day (all from authenticated users), and otherwise getting five spams per day was common. Lately spam have been better, and I will try relaxing the anti-spam system. Also I created a new rule to skip CAPTCHs and will add you to it.

Regarding SABnzbd, lately I've been busy and focusing on the core of BleachBit, so at this time I will not be working on SABnzbd. I am glad that Winapp2.ini is offering his support. This is what I was hoping for when I created the CleanerML system, and in the future I hope to find a better way for users to share CleanerML cleaners.

The BleachBit web site has two documentation pages on CleanerML and how to find files to clean.

Andrew, lead developer

Here are screen shots to show you the /paths and files;


I revised the original entries to CleanerML that should work for you.

If you need anything in the Admin folder cleaned, let me know and I will revise again.

Well I'm not the BleachBit pro here... :)

I'm also a bit confused here because there's a Linux version of Bleachbit, so aren't you using Linux?

So I'm only assuming as I see it in the Admin /path that this History1.db might be a problem I don't really know...

With a name like that it sounds like a database file keeping a history of everything you're doing...

When you get time, if you don't know can you please check with the Sabnzbd developers on this...

Maybe just join their support forum to ask what can be cleaned up...


I'm not exactly a bleachbit pro myself :( but there's also a windows version ! :P

I pop by the BleachBit forums occasionally to discuss things, as I am the developer of winapp2.ini (which, though tailored for another product, is supported by BleachBit for Windows as well!)

I have dabbled a bit with linux, but I am primarily a Windows guy.

^ includes the history.db file cleaning and fixes the paths.

My bad, I assumed you were the developer, but thanks for your input...

Thank you for this contribution. I added SABnzbd to the new CleanerML repository on GitHub:

Andrew, lead developer