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After downloading the updated version, I noticed that the places option was removed . Just wanted to double check, do I need to un-check something to protect my bookmarks? I assume you removed it for that reason, but want to be sure first.

BleachBit 0.8.5 removes the Firefox Places option, and your bookmarks are safe. The reasons for the removal included that some people didn't seem to read the warning (that it removes bookmarks) and that even the warning seemed to scare other people..

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks again Andrew.

This was one of the features that originally attracted me to this software. Is there any way to include this under "advanced" I am tempted to install an older version to get this option back.

You can use CleanerML to make your own cleaners. In the case of Firefox Places database, you just need to delete the places.sqlite file. The documentation is there, and there are links to many example cleaners. If you still can't figure it out, let me know.

Andrew, lead developer