Option for update checking, does it work?



When i go to the tab General and check if the option for periodically update check is enable, does this option work under Linux (Mint 17.2 Xfce)? Or is it disabled under Mint and need it to be reactivated some how?

And how does the message appear when there's a newer version available?


BleachBit in the Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Debian repositories has a patch that hides both the whole update-notification system, including the preference, so if you can see the option, it should work. If you download BleachBit from this web site, you should have the update option.

When there is an update (and when the option is enabled), you will see a pop-up dialog box within a few seconds of starting BleachBit.

Alternatively ways to get update notifications are RSS/ATOM news feed (see the orange icon on this web site), Facebook, and Twitter.

If you are using BleachBit version 1.8 now, you should see no update notices.

Andrew, lead developer