Option request


Is there any change to integrate a option to clean the computer befor
shutdown? The option to clean on startup from windows dose not help if
someone want to have a forensic look @ the computer.

Please elaborate. For example, why not run BleachBit and then shutdown your computer?

A few days ago someone else asked about shutting down Windows after running BleachBit from the command line, and I posted a solution there. Can you create a batch file?

Andrew, lead developer

How about
1. Please include a choice - 'Display cleaning confirmation dialog' - in the options settings. I don't want to use the confirmation dialog. I only want to hit the cleaning button once to start the cleaning.

2. Different task settings wanted, with options regarding every task for setting up a wiping time:
- manually
- on an absolute time
- at every a) Day b) Week c) System Startup d) System Shutdown e) User Logon f) User Logoff g) Time Interval h) Closing a Browser
[BleachBit 0.9.6 Portable user]

In the future please create a new thread for each request. This makes it easier to follow. Right now there are three requests in this one thread.

Regarding scheduled cleaning, consider using the BleachBit command line options combined with your system's scheduling software. An example of this procedure is documented.

Andrew, lead developer